With their fresh and unique take on Nordic music, the Swedish musicians Erik Ask-Upmark and Anna Rynefors - known as "Dråm" - have taken the roots music community by storm. The name is pronounced "drohm" and means "drone" (that which you find on bagpipes, not the remote-controlled flying contraption) - an apt name for this talented duo with its riveting take on ancient and contemporary Nordic traditional music.
With much charm and a big sense of humour, they perform their music in a captivating way that speaks to audiences everywhere. They have both received the prestigious Zorn Folk Music Award and the title of "Riksspelman" ("Official master musician") and have toured extensively in Europe as well as in America.

The quietness of Sweden’s deep forests and wide open spaces shows through in Dråm's wonderful flow of ear-caressing musical sounds, where the haunting and mellow Swedish bagpipes blend perfectly with the sonorous qualities of the harp and the unique Swedish instrument, the Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle). Dråm approaches Nordic music with respect and love, imparting a contemporary and passionate character to tradition, while maintaining the very soul of it!

Over the last decade, Dråm has toured in the UK, USA, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, France and Italy, to name a few countries. As well as performing, they have hosted countless workshops and courses in Swedish traditional music and dance.

Anna Rynefors - Nyckelharpa, Swedish bagpipe
Erik Ask-Upmark - Harp, vocals, Swedish bagpipe, traditional folk whistle

Dråm is supported by the Swedish Cultural Council.

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